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Join our community of student makers by either applying for individual membership, starting a chapter at your school, or both!
Looking to volunteer with us? Apply here

  • Open to middle school/high school students.

  • Receive funding for collaborative projects.

  • Participate in organization-wide events such as maker workshops and maker meetings.

  • Hear about maker events outside of school.

  • Join our student makers slack and connect with student makers across the U.S.

  • Open to high school students/teachers.

  • Gain access to the Student Makers Toolkit, a set of student-friendly resources on our educational platforms: LEARN, MAKE, SHOWCASE.

  • Receive large grants for school-wide projects and makerspace equipment.

Have any questions?
Email and we'll answer them right away!

Wrenches and Pliers
Soldering circuit board
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