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We are Student Makers

Student Makers (formerly Maker Hub Club) is a community of students on a journey to learn through making hands-on projects. 

Make Cycle

Make Cycle

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Student Makers and Sustainability

Sustainability-themed projects funded by Student Makers

Makers at Work

Some of our members' amazing accomplishments

East Bay Maker Faire Online Exhibit.PNG
East Bay Maker Faire Online Exhibit.PNG
East Bay spotlight.PNG


Our Approach

Our three educational platforms are customizable, enabling student agency and personalized learning.


LEARN | Workshop Series

Description: Student-run workshops on hands-on projects.
Objective: To inspire students to make.


MAKE | Design Challenges

Description: Collaborative maker challenges for students.
Objective: To provide students with real-world experiences.

SHOWCASE | Project Showcases

Description: Region-wide showcases of maker projects.
Objective: To celebrate the joy of hands-on learning.


All events are student-led. We provide mini-grants to fund student projects.

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