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Arduino Programming

Jumper wires connecting Arduino to resistors and LEDs via breadboard

Sample Arduino code for turning LEDs on/off with a button switch

Arduino Workshop Series

We'll teach you how to design circuit projects and write Arduino code to see them come to life! 

FREE to register! Register by February 25th. 
Limited spots—first 15 students are prioritized admission. 

Who: 7th - 11th grade students attending school in the U.S. are eligible!
When: 8 workshops total; once a week every Sunday 1-3 PM PST in Spring semester.
Where: Workshop series will be taught via Google Meet.

Curriculum Overview:
Week 1 - Intro to Arduino 
Week 2 - Lighting and Colors
Week 3 - Display Modules 
Week 4 - Analog Inputs 
Week 5 - Motion Sensing 
Week 6 - Sensing the Environment
Week 7 - Using Motors 
Week 8 - Advanced Topics 

Lead Instructor: Neha Peddinti 
Co-Instructors: Xieshi Zhang, Nicholas Underwood

Would you like to support this workshop series?

Any questions? Contact us at and we'll reach out to you right away!
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