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Arduino Programming

Arduino Workshop Series


Learn to design circuit projects, write Arduino code, and see them come to life! 


We will take the _#_ most qualified applicants. We are looking for driven and responsible 7th-11th graders who demonstrate a passion for STEAM and will get the most out of this class. Applications are due by _____. The fee is ____ upon acceptance to the program, which covers the material cost of facilitating the workshop series. Need-based fee waivers are available here ___.


The workshops will take place ___ times a week every ___day and __ time via Google Meet.

  • Week 1 - Intro to Arduino 

  • Week 2 - Lighting and Colors

  • Week 3 - Display Modules 

  • Week 4 - Analog Inputs 

  • Week 5 - Motion Sensing 

  • Week 6 - Sensing the Environment

  • Week 7 - Using Motors 

  • Week 8 - Advanced Topics


Meet the Instructors:

Our workshop series instructors are highly qualified members of the non-profit, hand-picked from leadership of Student Makers non-profit. They have spent hours on building curriculum and other tools as well as organization to fulfill their passion of spreading STEAM to fellow students around the country. Through iterations and years of experience, we are ready to take our workshop and STEAM education of its students to the highest level!

  • Name: Bio

  • Name: bio

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Any questions? Contact us at
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