We're a community of students on a mission to learn through making hands-on projects.

We are tinkerers, creative thinkers, and problem solvers. We are future scientists, engineers, architects, and artists. What brings us all together is that we are all makers.


We created Maker Hub Club to bring together student makers from all disciplines and provide them with hands-on workshops, funding for projects, and most importantly, a community where they can share their projects and collaborate with others. Today, we serve student makers from secondary schools all across the United States.


Board of Directors

Anthony currently studies bioengineering at UC Berkeley. During his senior year at Rowland High School, Anthony assembled a team of student makers and together they hosted Rowland High School's first school-wide maker event: Maker Week, a week of student-run workshops teaching hands-on projects. Several events followed and in 2019, Anthony founded the Maker Hub Club Initiative and became the top recipient of the HonorsGradU 2019 #DesignABetterFuture challenge where he was awarded a grant to expand his reach. Now he serves as a Board member of the Maker Hub Club Initiative and the Advisor of the Maker Hub Club Youth Council. He looks forward to supporting the ever-growing community of student makers participating in Maker Hub Club programs.

Other notable achievements include becoming a 2018 CIRM SPARK fellow (stem cell research at Caltech and Pathways to Stem Cell Science), being the 2019 recipient of the RHS Hall of Fame scholarship, and leading a collegiate team that won NASA's Growing Beyond Earth maker contest. (Fun fact: Anthony’s hobby of gardening led him to host several succulent workshops at RHS, which helped him come up with the idea of maker workshops!)

Anthony Neil Tan

Gerie is the Chief Operations Officer of WIN USA Education, an educational company that hosts S.T.E.A.M. maker camps at elementary and middle schools. In this role, she supervises several classes each summer and winter. These maker camps teach hands-on activities such as mechanical slot cars and electrical circuits, a curriculum designed to spark the creativity of students behind in school. She also serves as a WIN USA Education coach for the Telesis Academy of Science & Math Middle School Science Olympiad team. If you drop in at one of their after-school research/build sessions, you can find students tinkering with electronics like hard-core engineers.

Outside of work, she is an active community member who constantly searches for ways to improve education. Through serving as a Board member of the Maker Hub Club Initiative, she hopes to engage educators in the movement towards more hands-on education.

Education: B.S. in Finance and Marketing from the University of Southern California (1989-1993) and MBA in Finance and Technology from the University of Phoenix (2001-2003).

Gerie Wang

Youth Council Members

Athena is a UC Berkeley undergraduate studying Computer Science. In high school, Athena led an electronics club that taught Arduino programming and computer science to peers. Now at UC Berkeley, Athena is a member of Mobile Developers at Berkeley where she develops apps for businesses. 

After meeting Anthony in 2019, she joined Maker Hub Club and together they collaborated on launching new Maker Hub Club programs such as the Workshop Series and the Maker Hub Club Individual Membership Program.

Athena shares the Maker Hub Club vision that making is an empowering way of bringing ideas into the world. Through serving as the Maker Hub Club Youth Council Chair, she hopes to impact as many student makers as possible. She also looks forward to connecting to student makers across the US, learning about their interests, and picking up a couple of new skills. 


Athena Leong

Cathleen is currently a senior at Diamond Bar High School. In 2019, her sophomore year, she had the opportunity to create a Maker Hub Club chapter at Diamond Bar and since then she's been building maker culture in her school. Having first-hand experience with starting a chapter, she understands the challenges and joy behind it all.

In 2020, she joined the Youth Council as Vice Chair. In this role, she hopes to share her knowledge about founding chapters with schools all over the US. She is also looking forward to engaging with student makers and continuing to learn from her fellow STEM peers.

In the future, Cathleen plans on becoming an orthodontist so that she can give beautiful smiles to children.


Most notably, she participated in the SourceAmerica Design Challenge and placed Top Five nationally. In her free time, she teaches children (she ADORES them), does photography, and loves to hike. She is also a huge Harry Potter fan!

Cathleen Chen

Aadhav is currently a sophomore at Dougherty Valley High School. He has 6 years of 3D printing experience and has been teaching 3D printing for 2 years. In 4th grade, Aadhav was introduced to 3D printing by a room parent and was inspired to learn more. Coming into middle school, Aadhav was delighted to find out that the school had a 3D printer, but noticed that few students used it. So in 8th grade, he founded Windemere Ranch Middle School's 3D Printing Club so that he could spread awareness and knowledge of 3D printing to other students. After moving on to high school, Aadhav has continued to support the 3D Printing Club as an Advisor.

Looking to teach 3D printing to students across the US, Aadhav facilitated Maker Hub Club's very first virtual 3D Printing Workshop Series in Fall 2020. Now Aadhav serves as the Advanced 3D Printing Workshop Series Lead of the Youth Council.

Other notable achievements include being a recipient of the John Hopkins University CTY Grand High Honors award and the President's Volunteer Service Award, Gold Medal. He is also a Software Intern and TA at the California Tamil Academy.

Aadhav Prabu

Grace is currently a senior at Pine View School. During her junior year, she had the opportunity to learn how to create a business plan through the Perlman Price Young Entrepreneurs Program. After placing first in the program’s competition and receiving startup money, she's been growing her own online clothing shop Pockets4People. Her business development experience has allowed her to pick up marketing skills and understand online advertising.


Outside of entrepreneurship, she advocates for gender inclusivity in STEM fields and uses computer science to solve problems. Through serving as Marketing Lead of the Youth Council, she hopes to use her marketing knowledge to spread awareness about maker culture and encourage more students to pursue creative endeavors. She also loves to learn from other makers and see what exciting projects are being produced.


Other notable achievements include receiving the Mayor’s Outstanding Youth Citizen Contribution Award for her helping decide the relocation for Sarasota’s most famous sculpture Unconditional Surrender and being a YMCA National Swimming Championships Finalist.

Grace Hu

Neha is a sophomore at South Brunswick High School. Since middle school, she has taught herself several programming languages, including Java, Python, HTML/CSS/JS, and C.


When she discovered Arduino and microcontroller programming, she began to create several lighting projects for herself and her friends. She is a Python and Web Development instructor and curriculum developer for middle schoolers. She also learned how to make 3D prints at her local library, and her projects include a vehicle for Science Olympiad, as well as a maze cube (which no one has been able to solve yet!). As a member of the South Brunswick Science Olympiad team, which has won top 5 in New Jersey, and an avid maker, she’s excited to help other students expand their knowledge through Maker Hub Club workshops!

Neha Peddinti

Rishay is currently a freshman at Gunn High School. He was first introduced to unmanned flight when he was eight, and since then, the prospect of flight without a human’s presence or input has piqued his interest in aviation. Rishay started out building radio-controlled planes but soon discovered quadcopters. In eighth grade, his school gave a year-long assignment to learn a challenging new skill. Inspired by Zipline, a company using drones to deliver medical supplies to inaccessible parts of Rwanda, he built a delivery drone with a release mechanism that could drop a package. His project is now an example for future students.


Building his first quadcopter opened a world of using unmanned aircraft to benefit society, and next, he wanted to explore drones that can fly themselves. Recently, he created an autonomous quadcopter that is capable of flying itself using a powerful autopilot technology called Pixhawk. In the future, he aims to do autonomous data collection with drones. Now Rishay serves as the Activities lead on the Youth Council, working to create new and exciting opportunities. His goal for the semester is to bring collaboration to the virtual maker space.

Rishay Jain

Workshop Series Committee

Akshar Raikanti

  • Dougherty Valley High School

  • 2 years of experience teaching 3D printing to middle school students

  • 4 years of 3D printing experience

  • Fun fact: I'm a half-marathon runner!

Asena Yildiz

Krishiv Haranath

Xieshi Zhang

  • UC Berkeley Mechanical Engineering undergraduate 

  • ASME Andrew Kenneth Roe Scholar

  • Patent-Pending innovator in sustainable packaging solutions

  • Fun Fact: I used to do archery as a sport!

  • Dougherty Valley High School

  • 2 years of experience teaching 3D printing

  • Speech and debate instructor for middle schoolers and elementary schoolers

  • Arizona College Prep High School - Erie Campus

  • 3 Time Instructables Contest Winner

  • Started making CoreXY 3D printer and tensile testing machine in 8th grade

  • Other projects: variable voltage power supply, mini lock box puzzle

Shefali Sastry

Adrian Gore

Benjamin Arnold

  • Data Scientist at Nextdoor

  • Former Program Lead, Avionics Engineer at Space Enterprise at Berkeley

  • Education: B.S. in Information Systems at UC Berkeley (2016-2020)

  • Dougherty Valley High School

  • 2 years of experience teaching 3D printing

  • Palmer Trinity High School

  • President and Founder of STEEEM Club - National High School winner of NASA's Growing Beyond Earth maker contest

  • President of Apollo Solar Car Club

  • Founder and Former President of Middle School Robotics club - Top 50 finalist in Vex IQ World Robotics challenge.

  • Founder of Seed To Salad

Activities Committee

Dilan Mehta

  • Avery Coonley School

  • 2 years of 3D printing experience

  • Activities Co-Lead

  • 2020 Presenter at the annual East-Bay Maker Faire 

  • Fun Fact: I have been playing baseball since I was 6.

Marketing Committee

Mukunth H. Kumar

  • Bethany School

  • I have 3 years of experience in 3D Modeling 

  • I have 2 years of experience in Marketing 

  • Fun Fact: I do competitive gaming!


Nathan Jong

  • Former Maker Hub Club Youth Council Chair

  • Former Maker Workshops Instructor

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate

  • 2019 SourceAmerica Design Challenge National Finalist

Alessandra Ong

Yaxuan Sun

  • Former Workshop Series Curriculum Contributor

  • UC Berkeley Mechanical Engineering undergrad conducting research on computed axial lithography (CAL) - volumetric 3D printing

  • Visit her website here