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We're a community of students on a mission to learn through making hands-on projects.

We are tinkerers, creative thinkers, and problem solvers. We are future scientists, engineers, architects, and artists. What brings us all together is that we are all makers.


We created Maker Hub Club to bring together student makers from all disciplines and provide them with makerspace equipment, funding for projects, and most importantly, a community where they can share their projects and collaborate with others. Today, we serve student makers from secondary schools all across the United States.


 Board of Directors 


Anthony Neil Tan

Founder & Board of Director

Anthony founded the Maker Hub Club Initiative to create the maker program he always wanted. In 2019, he piloted the program at his high school and became the top recipient of the HonorsGradU #DesignABetterFuture challenge where he was awarded a grant to expand the program to schools across the United States.


Gerie Wang

Board of Director

Gerie is the Chief Operations Officer of WIN USA Education, an educational company that hosts maker camps. Through Maker Hub Club, she hopes to engage educators in the movement towards more hands-on education. She holds a BS in Finance & Marketing from USC and an MBA in Finance & Technology from University of Phoenix.

 Youth Council Members 


Athena Leong

Youth Council Chair

Athena joined Maker Hub Club because she shares the vision that making is an empowering way of bringing ideas into the world. Through serving as the Maker Hub Club Youth Council Chair, she hopes to impact as many student makers as possible, connect with student makers across the US and learn about their interests.


Cathleen Chen

Youth Council Vice Chair

In 2019, Cathleen founded the Maker Hub Club chapter at Diamond Bar and ever since, she's been building maker culture at her school. Having first-hand experience with starting a chapter, she understands the challenges and joy behind it all. She hopes to share her knowledge about founding chapters with schools all over the US.


Aadhav Prabu

Youth Council Member, 3D Printing

Aadhav was introduced to 3D printing when he was in grade school and he absolutely loved it. Since then he has learned tremendously and shared his knowledge with peers. Looking to teach 3D printing to students across the US, Aadhav launched Maker Hub Club's very first virtual 3D Printing Workshop Series in Fall 2020.

 Workshop Series Instructors 

Image from iOS (2).jpg

Akshar Raikanti

Instructor, 3D Printing


Image from iOS (1).jpg

Krishiv Haranath

Instructor, 3D Printing



Adrian Gore

Instructor, 3D Printing



Asena Yildiz

Instructor, 3D Printing



Benjamin Arnold

Instructor, 3D Printing



Shefali Sastry

Instructor, Arduino Programming



Xieshi Zhang

Instructor, Arduino Programming




Nathan Jong

Former Youth Council Chair



X Sun

Former Workshop Series Contributor

X is a MechE/EECS double major at UC Berkeley who is fascinated by additive manufacturing. Currently, she is conducting research on volumetric 3D printing through the Design for Nanomanufacturing group at UC Berkeley. Her career goal is to become a mechanical engineering professor at a research university. Visit her website here.



Alessandra Ong

Former Youth Council Vice Chair


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